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Want to know how hundreds of my students have become experts in watercolor and sketching? Join my free training today to get some insights!

Watercolor Secrets

Watercolor Secrets help you to discover hidden techniques and special gems of this mysterious medium, and teaches you to paint like a pro as a complete beginner with ZERO experience required!

You will also learn how to do create the perfect composition, how to use color in your paintings using a comprehensive understanding of color theory, how to use shapes to enhance design and much more inside this course to help you explode in your mastery of watercolor painting!



Urban Sketching Secrets

Have you ever had the desire to sketch and paint beautiful scenes from your neighborhood or when you travel, but not sure where to start?

Learn the secrets of urban sketching. Use proven techniques, tips and composition templates to 10X your skill set in this training.

Let me walk you step-by-step through the same techniques that I used to help me come up with more than 250 sketches in 20 countries during my travels. Jump on this exciting journey with me right now!



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