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Good Morning, NYC! Coaster

KY Tam Art Gallery

Good Morning, NYC! Coaster

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Billboards, buildings, people and cars fought for my attention when I walked down the street towards Times Square in New York City. It was my first solo trip in 2015 and stepping into NYC, in particular coming to Times Square, was an eye-opener. The sheer amount of buildings and activities happening is a haven for an urban landscape painting and I captured this scene which won me an award in the prestigious American Watercolor Society show in 2016.

*Each coaster measures 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm (3.7" x 3.7") and is made of laminated wood. The top is smooth and the thickness measures 0.4 cm. Orders will be sent in wrappings delivered to your doorstep. Email for bulk orders of 30 or more.