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Morning in Hallstatt
Morning in Hallstatt
Morning in Hallstatt
Morning in Hallstatt
Morning in Hallstatt
Morning in Hallstatt

KY Tam Art Gallery

Morning in Hallstatt

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All prints are unframed and without white border.

A beautiful morning spent at the lake at Hallstatt, Austria. The amazing sunlight and serene surroundings offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Walking along the lake with a gentle morning breeze is sure to bring you great joy as the amazing surroundings will surely lift your mood. The quaint houses and small church in the middle of town gives an awesome view to this famous lake.

There were a few interesting elements here in this original photo. The shimmering reflections on the lake was something I had never tried painting before and so I wanted to challenge myself to paint this effect in watercolor. The greenery on the mountains in the background were done by adding some orange to the sap green which depicts the sunlight shining on the trees. The church in the distance can be seen and the smaller reflections were done using a small brush by washing off certain details on the water, thus creating those blurry effects. The rest of the water was painted with a large flat 2" brush.

Hallstatt was an amazing place. Its quiet and peaceful surroundings gave me tranquility and many inspirations. The swans paddling in the water were a great sight to behold, while there was also a small hill where you could look at the view of the houses arranged around the lake. Spending a day or two here is highly recommended for travelers to Austria.

I made a couple of sketches here as well as I could not resist the beautiful scenery around me which inspired me to pick up my brush and pen. The first was done during sunset and I tried to depict the warm glow of the evening sun on the hills and the church head that represented Hallstatt. I also made a quick pen sketch nearer to the church and it was done during the morning that I left the place. Hallstatt was a great place for artists to get some really amazing scenes, as well as for the average traveler to soak in and enjoy the atmosphere.

Prints are carefully rolled and shipped in kraft tube boxes.

Colors on the print are bright and radiant and reflect close to a 100% representation of the original painting. This is due to the use of the best technology in giclée printing and the right paper to produce the desired quality for your maximum satisfaction (see details below). All details are clearly seen and the print will look just like the original after framing. Each print is carefully scrutinized before packaging. 
Giclée (pronounced as gee-clay) is reproducing fine art on commercial-sized printers, with archival properties.
Currently the best software for making a giclée print is EFI u0026amp; GMG. It is widely recognized that Epson large format printers are best for accurate color reproduction and archival ink.
Some people have the misconception that solvent inkjet printers or regular large format printers are cheaper and can be used to print quality giclée. However, the level of detail is far from that of a specialized aqueous inkjet printer. Regular inkjet printers are not equipped with archival ink, therefore naturally they are not suitable for giclée prints.
How does our Epson printer measure up to competitors?
There are a total of 8000 micro print-heads in this printer, with the smallest possible droplet size being 3.5 pico-litres. It provides accurate color output with a wide output gamut. This is especially obvious in prints with multiple different layers of shades and tones. This results in beautiful prints with ultra-fine detail and vivid, lively colors. We use 100% authentic Epson UltraChrome Pro pigment ink - clinically tested to have print permanence rating (see Wilhelm Research for details) of up to 200 years for colored prints if kept under recommended environmental conditions.
Prints are printed onto 300gsm art paper and carefully rolled up and put in a tube before shipping. Each giclée print is hand-signed by the artist himself to ensure authenticity. 
Each product is individually printed and assembled when you order it, so please allow 2-5 business days of manufacture time for your prints.
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We recommend frames with a white matting surrounding the artwork for framing. Frames can be found at your local frame shop or online. IKEA is one of the places where you can find cheap and good frames, and the example frame shown above is a RIBBA frame. For custom sizes however, we recommend the following websites where you can get your custom-made frames done for your prints based on your preferred color, style and size: