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Namiki Dōri Street, Ginza
Namiki Dōri Street, Ginza
Namiki Dōri Street, Ginza
Namiki Dōri Street, Ginza
Namiki Dōri Street, Ginza

KY Tam Art Gallery

Namiki Dōri Street, Ginza

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All postcards are printed on 300 gsm art card with matte finish.

After arriving in Ginza from Shinjuku, I walked around the streets trying to find some spots for my next sketch. There were many shopping malls here and the area reminded me of Orchard Road of Singapore. I first went to Tokyu Plaza as I thought of taking a few pictures of the glitzy lights of the night scenes here in Tokyo.

It was quite enjoyable walking around this area as the cool air and urban landscape captivated my senses. I came over to Namiki Dōri Street where the Gucci store was located, and from here I could also see Ginza Place and a few other shopping malls lined up in the distance. I captured a sketch of this scene as it was pretty attractive.

Posh stores filled the area and since Ginza was one of the famous landmarks of Tokyo, I decided to make some sketches of this place for my sketchbook. I got my thermal water bottle from Loft, one of the shops here, and after getting what I wanted, I continued to take more photos of this place as I walked along.


Each postcard is printed with my entire sketch of a scene in Japan as the front design while the back features a short description and also my website QR code. Each postcard is printed on 300 gsm art card paper with high-quality ink to ensure vibrant colors. They are then packaged and shipped to your delivery address.

Each postcard is individually printed and packaged when you order it, so please allow 2-5 business days of manufacture time for your prints.
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