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Panoramic View of Shirakawa-go
Panoramic View of Shirakawa-go
Panoramic View of Shirakawa-go
Panoramic View of Shirakawa-go
Panoramic View of Shirakawa-go

KY Tam Art Gallery

Panoramic View of Shirakawa-go

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All postcards are printed on 300 gsm art card with matte finish.

A panoramic view of the village of Shirakawa-go can be seen from on top of a hill. This can be reached by a shuttle bus that brings visitors here. After reaching here, visitors can enjoy a view of the entire village with houses covered in snow and the scene is especially spectacular during winter.

From here, a road runs through the middle of the town and the background is a forested area with many pine trees which are also covered in snow. The sketch that I made of this place shows falling snow which is done using the splattering method and the trees in the background were done by using triangles that summarize the details as the trees are not the focal point.


Shirakawa-go is worth a day-trip as it is truly awe-inspiring. I am happy to be able to make two postcards with this place as the theme as I believe that Shirakawa-go is one of the most beautiful places one can visit in Japan.


Each postcard is printed with my entire sketch of a scene in Japan as the front design while the back features a short description and also my website QR code. Each postcard is printed on 300 gsm art card paper with high-quality ink to ensure vibrant colors. They are then packaged and shipped to your delivery address.

Each postcard is individually printed and packaged when you order it, so please allow 2-5 business days of manufacture time for your prints.
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