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Shibuya Scramble Crossing
Shibuya Scramble Crossing
Shibuya Scramble Crossing
Shibuya Scramble Crossing
Shibuya Scramble Crossing

KY Tam Art Gallery

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

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All postcards are printed on 300 gsm art card with matte finish.

It was a perfect afternoon on my second day in Tokyo. After the morning rain, the sky cleared and it was time for me to embark on my journey to another of Tokyo's must-visit destination - Shibuya Crossing. 

The sky was still bright when I arrived and I was amazed at the number of people crossing the road at each traffic light. More than a million people cross here each day and I did not want to miss out the fun. I tried the crossing multiple times and experienced the rush of people on all sides. I bought a ticket to Shibuya Sky and after making my visit there, the sky had already turned dark and I proceeded to make a sketch here.

The scene was pretty cool with the Q Front Building right across the street with Starbucks and Tsutaya Bookstore located inside the building. Countless pedestrians made their way across as I proceeded with the sketch of these buildings. After a while, it proved too tiring so I finished my sketch while seated at Starbucks across the street. The resulting sketch looked like this:

I added in more details and colors back in my hotel, and also the Starbucks logo near to the Q Front building after I added the watercolors. It was a fulfilling time spent here as I was happy to create something nice out of the landscape of this place. I proceeded to take some final shots on my phone before leaving and calling it a day.


Each postcard is printed with my entire sketch of a scene in Japan as the front design while the back features a short description and also my website QR code. Each postcard is printed on 300 gsm art card paper with high-quality ink to ensure vibrant colors. They are then packaged and shipped to your delivery address.

Each postcard is individually printed and packaged when you order it, so please allow 2-5 business days of manufacture time for your prints.
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