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Tokyu Plaza Harajuku
Tokyu Plaza Harajuku
Tokyu Plaza Harajuku
Tokyu Plaza Harajuku
Tokyu Plaza Harajuku

KY Tam Art Gallery

Tokyu Plaza Harajuku

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All postcards are printed on 300 gsm art card with matte finish.

Harajuku is one of Tokyo's most famous destinations as it is famous for fashion, cosplay and youthful culture along Takeshita street. After arriving here by a short metro ride from nearby Meiji Shrine, I proceeded to walk along the streets and headed where the crowds were headed, and following my heart.

Here, interesting buildings lined the streets and many young Japanese can be seen strolling down the busy streets on this sunny morning. I walked further down, with my eyes scanning for possible buildings and structures to be captured on my sketchbook, and soon, I was able to find one.

Tokyu Plaza Harajuku was located in the Omotesando area and from the outside, the shape of the building looked really interesting with some unusual textures on the top area as well. Upon closer inspection, the entrance was covered in multiple mirror-like surfaces that gave it a very chic and modern look. I proceeded to make a sketch of this building and later finished the details inside the Plaza on an empty table. Colors were added in back in my hotel. I was happy to have found something that represented this cool neighborhood of Tokyo.


Each postcard is printed with my entire sketch of a scene in Japan as the front design while the back features a short description and also my website QR code. Each postcard is printed on 300 gsm art card paper with high-quality ink to ensure vibrant colors. They are then packaged and shipped to your delivery address.

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