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Yakitori Dinner at Omoide Yokochō
Yakitori Dinner at Omoide Yokochō
Yakitori Dinner at Omoide Yokochō
Yakitori Dinner at Omoide Yokochō
Yakitori Dinner at Omoide Yokochō

KY Tam Art Gallery

Yakitori Dinner at Omoide Yokochō

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All postcards are printed on 300 gsm art card with matte finish.

On my final day in Japan, I went to Shinjuku which was the last destination still left in my itinerary. The area is famous for its entertainment and shopping districts and I arrived here before the sun set. I headed to Omoide Yokochō, which was a famous alleyway in Shinjuku and a foodie destination serving up sushi, yakitori and ramen to visitors. The stalls were closely packed together and the alleys were really narrow, making it a special place to be in. My eyes settled on this packed yakitori stall that was filled with visitors and I managed to find a place inside to sit.

The old style and steam coming out from the boiling hotpot inside attracted me to try out this stall. I observed that the patrons here really enjoyed their meal and so I was can't wait for my yakitori set meal to be served after finding a seat inside.

There was a platter in front of me that showed the type of meat that was available. The stall was filled with Japanese men on both sides and I barely had space. I ordered some beer which was a refreshing start for my meal.

Then came the yakitori which were grilled one-by-one by the chef who donned a towel and wore a green t-shirt despite the cold weather as he was frantically serving customers which left him dripping in perspiration. The first to come was the beef and then pig liver, and then pork, followed by snow peas wrapped in bacon, intestines served in soup, and then two more grilled items which were mushrooms wrapped with bacon and pork with spring onions. The yakitori were all fresh and really enjoyable and went perfectly with the beer.


I watched in amazement how the chef grilled the sticks of yakitori and also served soup with intestines as customers asked him for more. He was in constant action and watching him in action while having my meal was a real pleasure. After about 45 minutes in this shop and a fulfilling time, I made my move out of the packed stall and made my way to the rest of Shinjuku on foot.


Each postcard is printed with my entire sketch of a scene in Japan as the front design while the back features a short description and also my website QR code. Each postcard is printed on 300 gsm art card paper with high-quality ink to ensure vibrant colors. They are then packaged and shipped to your delivery address.

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